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Looking for an investor

Team qualification

The power and experience of the team. Relevant background. See also the seven golden coins model for making a profile of the leadership team.

Unique Selling Points

What makes your proposition unique? What makes your customers willing to pay for your product. 

Money from an investor (angel)

Often there will be a moment when you need extra funding to make your startup grow. Instead of a loan from the bank or crowdfunding, participation of an investor (angel) is an interesting option. In return to the provision of money, the investor obtains a share. You give up part of your own influence, but get funding, expertise and a network in return.

Filling in the canvas

You should be able to fill in the canvas within an hour. This canvas draws on other information sources that you have already drawn up before. But above all, you have all these aspects top of mind and you can fill them in by heart. After all, it is your entrepreneurial focus. The canvas is intended to bring together the elements that are relevant to the pitch to the investor. In addition to the pitch, it is also important that your business plan is up to date and looks professional. If the investor is still interested after your pitch, he will study your business plan and will make a prediction of the future of your startup. He will also value your startup financially based on various key figures.

Value Proposition

What value do you deliver to your customers? Why are they willing to pay for your proposition? What problem does your proposition solve?

Track Record

What sales have you made so far? What is the proven customer experience? Did you have a market fit? 

Growth Engine

How do you increase growth? What's your prove that sales lead to more sales? 

Customer Segments

What type of customers buy your value proposition? See also personas

Problem to Solve

What's the problem that your customers solve by using your value proposition? 


What market do you serve and what's the size of the market? What market share can you realize?

Sales Forecast

How much sales do expect next year?


How much money do you make and what are the expectations for the coming years?

Requested Investment

How much money do you make and what are the expectations for the coming years?


Make your pitch and an investor package.

Download: template Investor Pitch Canvas (PowerPoint) (color)

Download: tempate Investor Pitch Canvas (PowerPoint) (black/white)

Product income

How much does the customer pay per product unit?

Product Costs

How much does it costs to manufacture one unit of product?

NL  -  UK

Is it the right moment?

In general, the moment after determining the market fit, but before you start scaling up, is the best moment to acquire the first investor. With a successful completion of the market fit, you have established the potential of the startup. In this situation, the probability that your startup will be successful is much higher than in earlier phases. This makes your startup attractive to investors and therefore your negotiating position is much stronger towards potential investors. Be aware of the power of your startup's potential (see also the Investor Pitch Canvas below) and make use of this during your negotiations.

An investment that you use to strengthen the growth engine is very effective in scaling up the company. By assigning the investment to arketing campaign and/or approaching new markets, you can achieve substiantial growth. Of course the investment must lead to long lasting business growth. Otherwise you wasted the investment money.

Don't give up control!

If an investor gets a share of 50% or more, the control of the company no longer rests with you and your fellow founders, but with the investor. Then you've lost control. Don't let this happen!

Are you ready?

To determine if you're ready, fill in the Investor Pitch Canvas (IPC) (see below). The extent to which you can fill in the IPC with proper values ​​determines the extent to which you are ready to acquire an investor. Sometimes it is possible to attract an investor at an earlier stage. This is possible if the investor has a lot of confidence in the value proposition and the leadership team. However this is unvalidated confidence, in which the investor relies on his own belief in the startup. Lucky you!

The Investor Pitch Canvas (IPC)

Below you find the canvas including a description of all components.