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Job to be Done

What is it?

The 'Job to be Done' is about what you want to achieve and focuses on the actual problem you want to solve. By investigating and describing what the real problem is, you avoid falling into the trap of thinking from the perspective of solutions, a common pitfall if you already have (comparable) solutions or tools.


The central question is: what is the (real) problem?


In some cases you could also formulate this question as: what is the actual need? Often there is a deeper need beneath the outer need. This often concerns needs of physical or mental well-being, which are more beneath the surface.


The canvas below is the basic tool to answer the 'job to be done' question. Of course, a good conversational technique, including building trust, is necessary to find out the real problem (or need).

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What are the factors that pull the customer towards a new situation? What are the gains that a customer is looking for? What motivates them to move to a new situation?


What are the factors that push the customer away from the current situation? Describe the pains, frustrations, hurdles that prevent a customer from making the progress (s)he wants.


What habits of the current situation prevent your customer from adoption new solutions?


What kinds of anxiety related to new solutions does your customer have to overcome?