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What is the Problem Statement?

The Problem Statement describes the problem that the customer has and you want to offer a solution. It is important to understand the problem well. Therefore, ask the customer carefully and iterate (go back to the customer) as often as necessary. Not understanding the customer's problem properly can lead to you spending unnecessary valuable time and energy defining and developing a solution to the 'wrong' problem.

Problem Statement

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Explain the specific individuals, groups or organizations that the problem affects.


Describe the problem’s boundaries - the problem itself, the effect it has, what would happen if the problem gets solved or what would happen with the customer  if you aren’t able to find a solution.


State when the issue starts and when you need to solve it.


State where the problem happens whether it’s just in a specific location or in different areas.


Describe the importance of solving the problem and how solving the problem would improve the life of your persona.

Key Learnings

Within LEAN Startup it is important to learn validated. Therefore, the lessons learned from the validation of the assumptions are included in the problem statement. With each validation you learn new things and adjust the problem statement. With the Key Learning you make what you have learned explicit.