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There are a number of common methodologies for product development of the startup's product. Each method has its specific field of application. That is why you sometimes use a number of methodologies side by side within the startup to achieve the best results.

LEAN Startup

The LEAN Startup methodology focuses on the development of the startup company. The development of the product is central to this. The starting point is to learn as quickly as possible, so that you demonstrably know whether the product solves a customer's problem and you can turn this into a profitable business model. You validate the Mimimum Viable Product (MVP) as quickly as possible in short cyclical iterations from product fit, solution fit to market fit. Developed by Eric Ries. More ...

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a philosophy and collection of tools for solving complex problems. It is a method that works when there are no conclusive solutions. It helps you to get to the heart of an issue as quickly as possible with few resources. Developed by John Arnold. More ...

Growth Hacking

With Growth Hacking you will find smart hacks or tricks with which you can grow your business quickly. With small experiments you arrive at information that leads to substantial improvements in achieving your goal. Why do customers often drop out at a certain point and what can you do to keep them interested in your product? Developed by Sean Ellis. More ...


Scrum is a principle-based agile framework. The team that carries out the work is a multidisciplinary self-managing team. The Product Owner provides direction and prioritization of the work. The team works with short iterations of 2 to 4 weeks (sprints), with a working product after each sprint. This gives you, as a customer/user, quick insight into the (intended) functioning of the product. Developed by Ken Schwaber. More ...


LEAN is a management philosophy for managing and optimizing processes. It focuses on removing waste in the process. Continuous improvement improves product quality and customer value. LEAN has been developed by Toyota. More ...

eXtreme Programming

eXtreme Programming is a software development methodology aimed at improving software quality and responding to changing customer requirements. Characteristic is the high frequency of releases. Central is the delivery of software. The software is the only actual product that matters. The software developer is central and he basically performs 3 types of work: listening to the customer, programming and testing. Developed by Kent Beck.

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