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What is a SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT Analysis supports you in determining the strategy of your company by focussing on 4 elements: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT Analysis is easy to use and concise. Of course internal - and external analysis is required to fill in the four quadrants properly. It's recommended to fill in the SWOT Analysis with the Leadership Team. Both the results and the shared process to determine the results are important. In most cases the SWOT Analysis leads to adaption of the strategy. The related activities are included in the roadmap.

SWOT Form Red Harbour


What is the company good at? Why select customers your company? What goes smoothly?


What opportunies arise from external developments?


What are we not good at? What skills does our company lack? What needs improvement? 


What threats arise from external developments? What makes us run out of business if we do not respond?

Follow on activities

1. Adapt your vision, strategy, business plan, roadmap and other relevant documents

2. Determine activities and assign wwners to the activities

3. Determine when to do the next SWOT Analysis

4. Measure impact on KPI's






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What is the layout of the SWOT Analysis canvas?

The SWOT Analysis is performed with a canvas with four quadrants, which are arranged in the following way:

- The top row concerns the internal organization

- The bottom row concerns the environment or context in which the company operates

- The left column concerns the positive side: the strength of the company and the possibilities that exist

- The right column concerns the negative side: the weak sides of the company and the threats that there are (or will be).

Get the most out of the SWOT Analysis

If you want to get the most out of the SWOT Analysis and adjust the strategy of the company optimally, then it makes sense to be supported by a coach. After all, performing the SWOT Analysis is not a fill-in exercise, but a well-thought-out analysis of your company and its environment that can lead to the adjustment of the strategy. It goes without saying that the strategy of the company is crucial to the success of the company. Contact Red Harbour for support.

The canvas

Below you'll find the canvas including a description of all components