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Red Harbour applies the philosophy to work integrally and continuously to improve your startup. An integrated approach works best. However, you can't do everything at once, because otherwise you lose focus. Think big, long-term and integral, but act with focus and small steps on the subjects that are most important at the moment. Below you will find the various focus areas with topics to read:


The focus area Business offers information about the why of your business and how you can achieve it. Subjects such as mission, vision, strategy, business case, entrepreneurship, business plan, organization and investors are described. Here you will find also SWOT AnalysisBusiness Model Canvas (BMC) and various templates.


The Product focus area provides information on how to develop your service or product. This focus area is mainly structured in a methodical way. Of course, Product and Business are closely related and you will find that in the desripctions and cross references made. LEAN Startup, Design Thinking and Growth Hacking are frequently applied methodologies for startup development.


The Customer focus area provides information about dealing with the customer. How do you approach the customer? How do you get to know the customer well? How do you domarketing and sales? What is important when concluding a contract? How do you ensure a well-designed support organization? How do you make a website and how do you ensure that (potential) customers find your website?


The focus area People offers information about leadership, culture, team building and practical matters about HR. The Human side is a not to be underestimated part of a successful company. After all, it is the people who determine success. How do you find the right people? How do you motivate them? How do you ensure that they work well together? The leadership team gives direction.


The focus area Financial is about the financial side of the startup. Practical matters that you have to arrange because you are legally obliged to do so or because this is necessary for good business operations. As a startup, you may have few financial resources. Therefore it's important that you arrange the finances in such a way that they will work for you and that they do not become a burden. Here you will find more information about taxes, VAT, insurance, financial control, reporting, etc..

Startup Expertise Library

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