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What is a Startup?

A startup is a company with an innovative idea that seaches for a profitable business model. This model must be scalable and repeatable. A startup up applies the latest technology for the realization of its idea. 


The future of a startup is uncertain, because at the start it is unknown what customers think about the product or service. Often a startup doesn’t know its customers, let alone a startup knows if it approaches the right customers.


Characteristics of a Startup are:

- attraction of creative employees

- development of a result driven company culture

- development of an innovative service or product

- operation in a context with a high level of uncertainty


Note: this definition excludes the size of the company or the name of an industry.

What is a Startup?

The next step:

After the startup demonstrates it has a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model, the startup will grow into a scaleup. This is the scaling and repeating phase. The company leaves the searching phase behind. The focus is now on growth.


- Startups exist in all branches

- Not every starting company (starter) is a startup

- A startup is nog a small version of a larger company. 

After five years, half of the established startups no longer exists.


Major causes are:

1. the idea cannot be made profitable. There is a lack of product fit, customer fit or market fit.

2. the leadershipsteam lacks entrepreneurship.


Inability to obtain funding can have its origins in both causes.

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