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Free Templates

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Red Harbour provides the templates below for free. All Red Harbour templates are listed on this page. You have the best benefit from the templates if you have sufficient knowledge about the subject. In the right column you will find the link to a description of the subject.


If you want to get the most out of it, it is often useful to be supported by a coach. After all, the templates are not just input sheets, but instruments that you use to determine your strategy. It goes without saying that the strategy of the company is crucial to the success of the company. Contact Red Harbour for support.


The templates are in PowerPoint, Word or Excel format. Here you find templates in Dutch

The templates are available in both color and black/white. The color variant focuses well on the various subjects. The black/white versions are easier to read. This variant also works better for color blindness and uses less ink when printing. Choose the variant that works best for you.